Who is Noriaki?

Noriaki Takamura was an aid worker from a Japanese NGO, Wakachiai Project. He was a coordinator of a youth sport project in Kakuma refugee camp, where he, to many of our grief, passed away during his 2-year mission in 2001. He left not only his family and fiancée back in Japan, but also a large number of youth in the refugee camp who, thanks to him, have been inspired, empowered, and most importantly given hope for the future. He was very much loved by everyone in Kakuma camp who describes him as “Japanese Treasure”. The seeds that “Japanese Treasure” has planted in Kakuma refugee camp have grown even bigger than how much he could have expected. Now it’s our turn to give back to the Japanese Treasure, by leaving his name alive forever in a way he would have desired. 

What are we doing to commemorate Noriaki?

As Noriaki was working to empower youth in Kakuma camp, this project will establish a multi-purpose community centre which will perform as a hub where Southern Sudanese youth feel empowered to envision their future. However, this centre will be open to embrace any age group where anyone can come together to meet, gather, learn, discuss, interact – a place which caters to various needs and wants. It is our hope that we will be able to build not only one centre in Turalei, but also will be built all across South Sudan.

Please help us achieve our dream of establishing this centre by donating.

Detailed project proposal is available upon request – Email us